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Little Corner of Thoughts
Welcome to my corner, I am an active cosplayer and naruto fan. I like other things but really most of my posts will be Naruto. Hope you enjoy my twisted sense of humor.
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Im not sure If ill finish this one in the near future…The manga is giving me so many ideas…..I dont know. Maybe when the manga is over. and when I have less stuff to do  Ill rewrite it because this story is kinda weak I think. ♥

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Disney heroines by MBTI personality type

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[ OOC ] http://japanese.about.com/library/blsjp.htm
These are useful for me, the second one is old and kinda kindergarten level but it’s for people who are new to learning Japanese. These are the sites I trust most. You have to be careful with which website you’re trying to learn it on. For example. If someone says that it means this or that, they might not be correct ( if that makes sense or not )
If you want to learn how to read it too, start from hiragana, katakana and then kanji.
Here are charts. The last one is just extra and simple. Start out with easy stuff like, “good morning, or how are you?”.
When you take the time to learn how to read it. Start reading manga raw to get you used to learning the kana characters.
I normally read TG raw too.
( ITALKTOMUCHSORRY ) I hope this can be of use some how.

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Did a photoshoot at the beach for YYH last ep tribute. 

Yuusuke: Jesters Labyrinth 

Kuwabara: Akaichan

Kurama: Yoko and Yami

Hiei: N/A


OMG, I just came back, post a quick doodle of the movie poster and now it got over 1.5k notes and I got 30+ new followers in just a day! I’m so happy ;w;

here’s a little thank you and welcome gif to my blog: a flying sasusaku: the last version!

this blog will be more active from now on for the last 4 week of naruto countdown! though I won’t guarantee lots of fan arts from me but I will be doing more, mainly sasusaku and naruhina.

nice to meet you all! :D

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Did a beach photoshoot the other day and this is one of the pictures

Its from one of the endings in Naruto, at the very end there is an Ai no Kasa, or love’s umbrella with Sasuke’s and Sakura’s name written in it.

I was silly and FORGOT ABOUT THIS the first time I did this outfit, so the point was to capture this photo (and a few others)

This need’s to be a rule ya’ll follow.


"Just because something, or someone isn’t as important to you as it may be to someone else, doesn’t give you the right to judge it’s appeal or value to another given person."

how I feel about all the ship wars. People need to chill the fuck out, find people who like the same thing as you. Dont try to be little or convert people to liking your ship. 

I’ve been in the Naruto fandom since the start in middle school. I lived through the bloodiest times to be a het-fan. 

I don’t care if you don’t like what -I- like, go get a life and like your own damn thing. Don’t be threaten by people not liking your ‘thing’. Its yours. Not mine. Not hers. Not his. 

the hate and nasty shit I see from ALL sides, proves that well you are a sucky person <3 not the group. So I won’t judge them………….just you. For being an ass and a troll who gets their kicks picking on people and being a bully <3

Thats all I gotta say about fictional characters and how much people freak the fuck out for no reason when someone doesn’t agree. 


just wondering if sasuke will get a new hairstyle too (or go back to his old one)

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1xRx2x1 or 2xRx1x2 I dont care what order aslong as Relena gets a piece from both of them :) I don’t mind 1xRx3 either :) or any other pilot or character thrown in. Who wants fic recs? Someone suggested a while back the author ‘Wardove’ and I found a very nice stash of very smutty NSFW fics. I haven’t read all of them I just know from what 1xR fics that I did read from her that they should be interesting and hawt. There plenty of yaoi/het/both in her fic archive.

1xRx2 fic link

1xRx3 fic link

1xRx5 fic link

the out-of-character funny orgy with all pilots + relena? yes here it is.

Reblogging this for anyone who’s interested. 1xRx3 is a lovely can of worms that I do not want to open for myself.